13 января 2012
ОргКомитет OpenKarelia информирует Вас о том, что в связи с масштабностью фестиваля и большим количеством участников, Гостехнадзор и ГИБДД Республики Карелия уделяют особое внимание к наличию у участников фестиваля необходимых документов, согласно требованиям законодательства РФ. Перечень необходимых документов вы можете найти в разделе "Формальности"
13 января 2012
Организаторы OpenKarelia-2012 объявляют, что 13 января 2012 года досрочно закончен приём заявок на фестиваль по причине набора максимально возможного количества участников. Просим всех участников забронировавших места, но не заполнивших формы заявок на нашем сайте сделать это до 15 января.

 Генеральный Спонсор:

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Тимофей Рогожин - руководитель проекта
icq 230410444
тел. 8-926-246-33-66

Максим Матейкович
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тел. 8-921-456-17-27

Людмила Хрусталева
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Информационные спонсоры:

Наш адрес:
185000, г. Петрозаводск, Путейская, 5

Телефон: (8142) 70-76-16

Факс: (8142) 70-76-14

E-mail: openkarelia@russiadiscovery.ru

GISMETEO: Погода по г. Петрозаводск

GISMETEO: Погода по г.Олонец


29th-31st of January 2010, North-West Russia - Karelia
(~350 km from the Finnish border and Saint-Petersburg).

OpenKarelia is not a professional sport race, but rather a festival where beginners are welcome as well as experienced riders.
It is for those who are willing to experience challenging tracks, deep snow, wild nature and beauty.
For those who are looking for new vivid emotions and communication within diverse company of like-minded people.
The itinerary of race goes through wild forests of north Russia, ice of lakes and rivers, along abandoned villages and connects the two biggest lakes of Europe – Onego and Ladoga. Racers will also reach the world-famous museum of wooden architecture on the Kizhi Island. The length of 2-day racing is more than 400 km, and the additional program may include up to 1000 km!

Contact us: openkarelia@mail.ru +7 911 4057532
To participate in the Festival fill in the application form here
See more PHOTOS here
See VIDEO here
See more details about organizers here


OpenKarelia in details:

Who is the festival meant for?
- The festival is organized for those who have had a snowmobile for a couple of years but they use it only for local rides.
- The festival is meant for those who have never suffered from or have already recovered from all types of snowmobile-and-vodka-beer-drinking disease.
- The festival is for serious snowmobile riders, addicted to long-range trips.
- The festival is meant mostly for those who are looking for new vivid emotions and communication within diverse company of like-minded people.

We do not recommend you to take part in the Open Karelia 2010 Snowmobile festival if you are:
- a person who rides a snowmobile only when it involves drinking vodka. It’s not the kind of an event for you.
- a dare-devil or racer. We’re are not a suicide club. We don’t recommend you to take part in it, if you cannot sensibly assess your posibilities. All tracks can be passed calmly as well as aggressively. All tracks are natural and complicated.
- a person who has just bought your snowmobile and haven’t really ridden it yet. This event might be pretty hard for you. But if you’re interested, we have some offers for you, too.
- a professional sportsman, who is turbed on only by a stopwatch. It’s not going to be a professional race, only a festival.

The mission of the festival
First of all, we are looking for easy live communication within those groups of people who hardly meet during other events.
We want the beginners and those riders, who are used to riding alone, to join us. Each region has this problem, and we faced it all last year.
One of the main goals is of course the exchange of experience. This year we try to organize a masterclass of various tricks, together with finnish sportsmen. In a couple of weeks we’ll announce if it will take place or not.
We would like to advertise tracks in Karelia and attract more people to them. Karelian tracks are even more interesting and exciting than those in some other parts of Russia.
Cultural tourism is also one of the missions we pursue. The region of Karelia has always been attractive for tourists (Ladoga, Onego lakes, villages, Kizhi, etc.), we want to point out the possibilities of travelling with a snowmobile.
We don’t want the festival to be big and crowded (100-200 people), for the goals we have differ much from the goals of big events. Some day we may organize a festval bigger than this one, but now not more than 40-50 people.

Concerning the format of the events within the festival
This is going to be the sixth snowmobile race. Every year we succeed in some way, and move forward according to the conclusions we draw, we grow up and the level of our work changes with us.
Last year there were some mistakes in the aspect of safety, but we will not make the tracks easier, because there are other ways out. We have taken it into account this year, and now we use new ways of marking the tracks. There is going to be special regulations, limiting some road hogs in speed.
The format of the festival will help its participants to find an activity for everyone. One can compete, or just enjoy the ride.

The Program of the Festival

28 January, 2010 (Thu) Participants come to Olonets

29 January, 2010 (Fri)
9:30-10:00 Registration in Tuloksa
10:00 – 10:40 Ride along the Ladoga Lake “Snow Dunes Ride”

11:00 – The Prologue race (12 km)
Now it’s a straight line, but can be changed to a circle, in order to make it safer. A straight line is a track with almost no turns, but of course a forest road, not a highway. Your main task is to aim for the track, keeping the snowmobile safe.

13:00 – Country-Cross (2 circles of 55 km + 1 circle 30 km).
A really complex track. First, there is an orientation circle, where the organizers show the track and its features. The circle is almost 55 km long. Riding this circle twice will count for your total time. There might as well be the third additional circle, 30 km. The track is interesting for confident sportsmen. For beginners it can be also interesting because of its beauty. The track can be ridden for time results, or for pleasure.

17:00 – The end of the first day of the festival, transfer of the participants to their accomodation places.

30 January, 2010 (Sat)
9:00 For Sport and Prosport class, team race “Karelian Enduro” starts (270-290 km)

10:00 For «Fan» class free ride starts (250-270 km)
A 270 km long straight line track along very picturesque scenery. There are some really scary areas, which caused some near death experience last year. That is why we mark the track even more thoroughly, and there is going to be a guide, who will help, prevent or limit your actions. But remember that the competition is a team race. And again, if you are not ready for a hard play, you can easily enjoy a free ride out of the competition.

19:00 – The end of the race in the area of Petrozavodsk
20:00 – «Snow Fest Party»

31 January, 2010 (Sun)
10:00 Moving to Petrozavodsk
12:00 Speedway race “Ice Battle” race on the ice of the Onego Lake.
A special track for those who want a show, horsing around and having fun.

15:00 The end of the race, rewarding the participants.
The participants leaving
For those who want to stay longer – free rides in the area of Petrozavodsk, downhill skiing, etc.


Extra Program
1 February, 2010 (Mon)

7:00 The «24h Non-Stop» ride starts - 24 hours of team ride of the most desperate participants (Petrozavodsk – Kizhi – Suoyarvi – Yanisyarvi – Kinerma – Olonets), 800-1.000 km long.
An outstanding track, only for some very self-confident men, who understand what they are doing.

10:00 The Kizhi Island ride
Just a beautiful ride to a very beautiful place.
17:00 Back to Petrozavodsk

2 February, 2010 (Tue)
7:00 The end of the «24h Non-Stop» ride.
Evening. Participants leaving for home.